The Frog Commissary Cookbook

by Steven Poses

Paperback, 2001


Call number

Restaurant, School, Hotel -- POS

Call number

Restaurant, School, Hotel -- POS


Camino Books (2001), Paperback, 272 pages


A little storefront eatery opened in a downtown neighborhood of Philadelphia in 1973. It was simply named Frog. From this small beginning grew a collection of some of America's most innovative and successful restaurants, including Frog and The Commissary, and Frog/Commissary Catering. From their founding chef/restaurateur, Steven Poses, and his colleagues Anne Clark and Becky Roller, comes a sumptuous cookbook that brings together hundreds of kitchen-tested recipes-a quixotic, multiethnic blend of foods and ingredients-as well as tips and information about the authors' personal approach to food preparation.


Physical description

272 p.; 10.16 inches

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