Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook

by Ruth Berolzheimer

Paperback, 1988


Call number

General Cookbooks -- BER

Call number

General Cookbooks -- BER


Perigee Trade (1988), Paperback, 1040 pages


It's all here: from the basic to the gourmet, from preparation to serving, all presented in a clear, concise, simple manner. Recipes for every level of expertise are included, from basic broccoli to Artichoke Souffle, along with all-American classics such as Chicken a la King and Peach Meringue Pie. In addition, the cookbook offers a cornucopia of food suggestions for any situation and any pocketbook: complete menus and table settings for each month of the year and holidays, storage tips, food-buying guides, calorie counters, and much more. The widespread attention to regional American cooking and the proliferation of home-style cafes across the country all point to a new pride and interest in American cooking. The Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook, with its 10,000 recipes and countless food facts and ideas, is a cornerstone cookbook for every kitchen. Book jacket.… (more)

Physical description

1040 p.; 8.6 inches

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