Best Of The Best, Vol. 4: 100 Best Recipes from the Best Cookbooks of the Year

by Food & Wine Magazine

Hardcover, 2001


Call number

General Cookbooks -- FOO

Call number

General Cookbooks -- FOO


AMERICAN EXPRESS (2001), Hardcover, 288 pages


Buy only one cookbook this year--and get all the best recipes published this year Almost 1 million subscribers heartily agree: Food & Wine is the unrivaled leader in the field, and every year their editors search tirelessly for their most delectable dishes from the creme de la creme of cookbooks. Here are their selections--from such top chefs as Mario Batali, Julia Child, Marcel Desaulniers, Maya Kaimal, Alfred Portale, James Villas, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and Mark Bittman--looking exactly as they did in the original volumes, and fully kitchen-tested. Prepare a meal from one of the Editor's Choice Award titles, like Rick Bayless's Mexico One Plate, the Best Cookbook of the Year. Or try a Chocolate Snowball, the best dessert (by Anne Willan). Other mouthwatering possibilities: Artichoke, Romaine, and Pea Soup; South Coast Portuguese Fish Chowder; Peppery Chicken Curry; Barbecued Country-Style Pork Ribs; Thai Fried Rice; Raspberry Rectangles; and lots more. Each recipe will tantalize you on the page, just from the photos and the descriptions. Imagine what they will really taste like on your plate.… (more)

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288 p.; 10.1 inches
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