Cooking With Herbs: The Flavor of Provence

by Michel Biehn

Hardcover, 2001


Call number

French -- BIE

Call number

French -- BIE


Flammarion (2001), Edition: illustrated edition, Hardcover, 137 pages


In his new work, Michel Biehn, a true fan of Provencal cuisine, pays homage to the herbs of Provence. He evokes their flavors, their fragrances, and the thousand-and-one classic ways in which they are used. In his inimitable style, Michel Biehn presents eighty delicious Provencal recipes collected from lovers of Provence, and explores ancient herb lore-- which herbs to use against toothache, which can be used to concoct an Elixir of Beauty. We discover first of all the herbs of the hills (including thyme, rosemary, and lavender), which perfume the air of Provence with their subtle and evocative scent. These herbs are used to create such delicious dishes as potatoes stuffed with fresh goat's cheese and wild thyme, shoulder of lamb steamed in rosemary, or lavender nougat. Then comes the garden herbs (including aniseed, basil, chives, coriander, and bay leaf) found in every true Provencal kitchen, where they bring their aromas to such treats as spelt soup stirred with a bay twig, aniseed cookies, or juniper jam. Finally, there are the salad greens and flowers of the field (wild asparagus, poppy shoots, dandelion, wild leeks, arugula, and lamb's lettuce) long gathered on family walks, to flavor dandelion flower jelly, spice cakes, or lasagna with wild flowers. Each recipe is accompanied by a wine suggestion, inviting readers to recreate the perfect Provencal menu and to bring the sunny colors and flavors of Provence into their own home.… (more)

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137 p.; 11.16 inches

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