Great Gingerbread

by Sara Perry

Paperback, 1997


Call number

Baking - Cookies -- PER

Call number

Baking - Cookies -- PER


Chronicle Books (1997), Edition: Complete Numbers Starting with 1, 1st Ed, Paperback, 96 pages


Get ready for a renaissance of gingerbread! From the holiday classics -- candy-covered houses and gingerbread men -- to delicious waffles, biscotti, cookies, and cakes, Great Gingerbread offers a delectable new take on an age-old favorite -- just in time for the most festive time of year. But gingerbread is a great idea all year round. The beloved combination of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg that creates gingerbread's distinctive flavor can be used to make all kinds of irresistible treats: for a modern take on the classic cookie, Chocolate-Dipped Gingerbread Biscotti with tea on a spring afternoon; to make the most of summer fruit, a Peach Blueberry Crumble and Gingerbread Crisp; or for a lazy autumn brunch, Gingerbread Scones with Orange Honey Butter, or Gingerbread Pancakes with Golden Pear Compote and Maple Cream. Illustrated with ravishing color photographs, Great Gingerbread is brimming with delicious ideas to brighten any day of the year.… (more)


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96 p.; 8.78 inches

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