Party Cakes: Delightful Little Treats for Special Occasions

by Mich Turner

Hardcover, 2007


Call number

Baking - Cakes -- TUR

Call number

Baking - Cakes -- TUR


Universe (2007), Hardcover, 160 pages


Mich Turner is London's top cake designer for society and celebrities alike. She has refined a simple and modular approach to entertaining-start with a dozen basic recipes and let the art of icings, glazes, and finishing touches be the key to perfection. This versatile guide is a sourcebook of ideas for celebratory treats, such as cakes, petit fours, and canapes for any event, formal or informal. The book begins with how to choose the right cake design (reflecting the venue and the season as well as the guest list and flower arrangements) and then details establishing the theme, the shape, the icing, and the flavor of the cake. The heart of the book is the step-by-step section on decorative techniques and designs that enable anyone, regardless of experience, to create show-stopping cakes with confidence and style.… (more)

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