Bread Made Easy: A Baker's First Bread Book

by Beth Hensperger

Paperback, 1999


Call number

Baking - Bread -- HEN

Call number

Baking - Bread -- HEN


Ten Speed Press (1999), Paperback, 132 pages


For almost 30 years, Beth Hensperger has researched baking traditions, both ancient and modern and from all over the world. In this book, she applies her wealth of knowledge to demystifying what many feel is this most intimidating of kitchen crafts - baking the perfect loaf of bread. This is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manual, which novices should find easy to go through the basics and quickly learn to bake eight different breads, including white, whole-wheat and flat bread.


Physical description

132 p.; 8.9 inches

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