The Village Baker's Wife: The Deserts and Pastries That Made Gayle's Famous

by Joe Ortiz

Hardcover, 1997


Call number

Baking - General -- ORT

Call number

Baking - General -- ORT


Ten Speed Press (1997), Hardcover, 336 pages


Since opening 25 years ago, Gayles Bakery and Rosticceria in Capitola, California, has grown from a humble 800-square-foot shop to one of the largest, most successful fine-quality bakeries in America. Now in paperback, The Village Bakers Wife collects the all-butter, real-sugar, whole-cream, fine-chocolate desserts and pastries that made Gayles what it is. Included are more than 150 recipes, 130 instructional illustrations, and 25 essays on baking techniques.


Physical description

336 p.; 9 inches

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