Damon Lee Fowler's New Southern Baking: Classic Flavors for Today's Cook

by Damon Lee Fowler

Hardcover, 2005


Call number

Baking - General -- FOW

Call number

Baking - General -- FOW


Simon & Schuster (2005), Hardcover, 384 pages


A study in Emerald -- The fairy reel -- October in the chair -- The hidden chamber -- Forbidden brides of the faceless slaves in the secret house of the night of dread desire -- The flints of memory lane -- Closing time -- Going Wodwo -- Bitter grounds -- Other people -- Keepsakes and treasures -- Good boys deserve favours -- Strange little girls -- Harlequin valentine -- Locks -- The problem of Susan -- Instructions -- My life -- Feeders and eaters -- Diseasemaker's croup -- Goliath -- Pages from a journal found in a shoebox left in a greyhound bus somewhere between Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Louisville, Kentucky -- How to talk to girls at parties -- The day the saucers came -- Sunbird -- Inventing Aladdin -- The monarch of the glen.

Physical description

384 p.; 9.4 inches

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