Basic Baking: Everything You Need to Know to Start Baking plus 101 Luscious Dessert Recipes that Anyone Can Make

by Lora Brody

Hardcover, 2000


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Baking - General -- BRO

Call number

Baking - General -- BRO


William Morrow Cookbooks (2000), Hardcover, 336 pages


Brody teaches new bakers how to turn out classic favorites as she takes them step by step through the baking process. Packed with helpful sidebars and variations, this cookbook provides a clear understanding of the basic techniques behind baking and offers endless tips on how to prevent common baking mishaps. Includes 101 dessert recipes. This easy-to-follow handbook is targeted for the novice & takes the mystery out of baking. Lora Brody convinced people that they could make amazing bread at home in her bestselling Bread Machine Baking-Perfect Every Time. She guided novice cooks every step of the way in The Kitchen Survival Guide and The Entertaining Survival Guide. Now in Basic Baking, Lora instills the same confidence in those who want to bake but may be too intimidated to get past the ingredients list. Basic Baking will teach you how to bake your first batch of brownies or tray of sugar cookies and have them turn out perfectly. If you don't know what bakerspeak terms like proofing or crimping mean or the difference between a baking tray and a cookie sheet, then this is the book for you. Basic Baking starts by explaining what each ingredient's role is, so you can understand how baking works. What's the difference between baking soda and baking powder? Or between granulated, superfine, and confectioners' sugar? Straightforward explanations for basic techniques such as measuring flour, separating eggs, and melting chocolate follow. You'll learn how folding, beating, and mixing differ and what tool to use for each. You'll graduate to being able to answer these technical baking questions: What's the best way to zest a lemon? What's the secret to turning out silky-smooth batters? Basic Baking is filled with dependable answers, shortcuts, and tips that you'll even use when you move to other desserts. But, most important, Basic Baking answers that all-important question: What's for dessert? you'll find 101 easy, homestyle dessert recipes for everything from elegant holiday cakes to after-school treats that get an A for taste. Make bar cookies, squares, scones, pound cake and more. With innovative variation and Lora Says tips, it's easy to turn out fabulous, foolproof desserts. Basic Baking is the ultimate survival guide-it's basically indispensable.… (more)


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