Baking Boot Camp: Five Days of Basic Training at The Culinary Institute of America

by The Culinary Institute of America

Hardcover, 2007


Call number

Baking - General -- CUL

Call number

Baking - General -- CUL


Wiley (2007), Hardcover, 288 pages


Experience the intensity of Baking and Pastry Boot Camps at the "most influential training school for professional cooks" (Time magazine) BAKING BOOT CAMP "In 'mealy' doughs, fat coats the flour, thereby preventing much gluten from forming; in effect, the fat shortens the protein strands by restricting their development. Suddenly a light went off in my head: so that's why it's called shortening!" PASTRY BOOT CAMP "Today was the day I'd been waiting for, ourlesson in puff pastry! Perhaps more than any otherkind of dough, puff pastry distinguishes thechefs from the recruits. Tender, flaky, lightas a wisp - if I could make dough like that, I'd be thrilled." Day by day, lesson by lesson, Darra Goldstein takes you along as she works her way through two tough Boot Camp courses.… (more)

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288 p.; 9.4 inches

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