Vegetarian Planet

by Didi Emmons

Paperback, 1997


Call number

Vegetarian, Vegan -- EMM

Call number

Vegetarian, Vegan -- EMM


Harvard Common Press (1997), Edition: illustrated edition, Paperback, 576 pages


All the best flavors from all the Earth come to life in a soulful celebration of tasty and inventive food. From Didi Emmons, a terrific young cook who combines a passion for culinary adventure with a love for the honest pleasures of home cooking, these 350 recipes - with more than 150 main dishes - spell an end to boring and bland meatless meals. Full of farm-fresh produce ripe for the eating, hearty grains that warm the soul, and a whole world of new spices and flavors, they promise boundless pleasures for the everyday table.

Physical description

576 p.; 9.2 inches

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