The New Laurel's Kitchen

by Laurel Robertson

Paperback, 1996


Call number

Vegetarian, Vegan -- ROB

Call number

Vegetarian, Vegan -- ROB


Ten Speed Press (1996), Edition: 1st, Paperback, 512 pages


The complete vegetarian cookbook and reference center for the whole-foods kitchen - over a million copies sold! The New Laurel's Kitchen is everything that made the first edition loved and trusted, with hundreds of new recipes and the latest nutritional information. The book contains more than 500 recipes, ideas, menus, and suggestions, each tested and perfected for satisfying, wholesome home cooking. Imaginative recipes use low-cost, easy-to-find foods, with dozens of ways to cut back on fat without losting flavor. There are specific sections on cooking for children, elders, pregnancy, and athletes.  The New Laurel's Kitchen is the revolutionary food guide that makes good nutrition easy, and this classic is still relevant for today's generation of vegetarians and plant-based eaters.… (more)

Physical description

512 p.; 9.26 inches

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