Pizza: From Its Italian Origins to the Modern Table

by Rosario Buonassisi

Paperback, 2000


Call number

Italian -- BUO

Call number

Italian -- BUO


Firefly Books (2000), Paperback, 168 pages


Although it will always be identified with Italy, pizza is now eaten and enjoyed around the world. Pizza is a book for pizza lovers everywhere. It traces the history of this popular food, from its earliest form over 2000 years ago to the present. And, despite all the frozen, home delivered and microwave varieties available today, Buonassisi still argues for the simple integrity of the classic Italian style pizza. The roots of pizza go back before the Roman Empire when this nutritious 'one pan meal' was a favorite way to feed the legions who had neither knives, forks, plates or, in many cases, a table at which to sit down. A simple slice of dough covered with toppings provided the ideal meal to be eaten with the hands with a minimum of preparations or washing up. Pizza concentrates on the great pizza cooking regions of Italy - Naples, of course, but the regions of Liguria and Sicily, among many others, have made great contributions to the development of pizza. After this fascinating tour through gastronomic history, Buonassisi offers wonderful, authentic recipes that allow you to create one of these authentic pizzas for yourself. Along with the history and the local lore that surrounds each pizza in the area of its origin, Buonassisi also gives us some personal reminiscences about each pizza - how he discovered it and his impressions of the great regions of Italy. There is also a section on how to select the appropriate wines to accompany each variety and recipe. Chapters on the correct way to make your own pizza oven, predictions about the future of pizza, and even what beer and wine to drink with which pizzas, complete this fully illustrated history of Italian pizza-making and its spread around the world. Pizza is not to be missed by pizza lovers and anyone interested in food, wine and cooking.… (more)


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168 p.; 10.45 inches

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