Italy Today The Beautiful Cookbook: Contemporary Recipes Reflecting Simple, Fresh Italian Cooking

by Lorenza De'medici

Hardcover, 1997


Call number

Italian -- DEM

Call number

Italian -- DEM


Beautiful Cookbooks (1997), Edition: First US, Hardcover, 256 pages


First published in 1988, Italy the Beautiful Cookbook (200,000 copies sold) set the standard for exquisite presentation of Italy's authentic cuisine, combining recipes with scenic photography and details of each region. Now, nine years later, with worldwide interest in Italian food booming and a new Italian cuisine emerging, this new book has new power to satisfy the cook and traveler in us all. With the accelerated pace of contemporary life, Italians have had to change their style of eating. This has created fresh ideas, quick approaches to the classics, rediscovered heritage dishes, and a more relaxed way of assembling menus. This new style is reflected in the more than 220 recipes culled from cooks throughout Italy. Emphasis is on light first courses and vegetable dishes; simply prepared fish, poultry and meats; and homemade breads, pizzas and desserts. Photographs of each region accompany these mouthwatering recipes. From the Alps to Sicily, from the fragrant herbs of Liguria to the pungent olives of Puglia, readers will delight in rediscovering the pleasures of this inspiring beloved country.… (more)

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256 p.; 14.09 inches

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