1,000 Italian Recipes

by Michele Scicolone

Hardcover, 2004


Call number

Italian -- SCI

Call number

Italian -- SCI


Wiley (2004), Hardcover, 672 pages


Celebrate Italian cooking with this authoritative and engaging tribute Author Michele Scicolone offers simple recipes for delicious classics such as lasagne, minestrone, chicken cutlets, and gelato, plus many more of your favorites; a wealth of modern dishes, such as grilled scallop salad; and a traveler's odyssey of regional specialties from the northern hills of Piedmont to the sun-drenched islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Whether giving expert advice on making a frittata or risotto, selecting Italian ingredients, or pairing Italian wines with food, Scicolone enlivens each page with rich details of Italian food traditions. This book is a treasury to turn to for any occasion.

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672 p.; 9.44 inches

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