True Tuscan: Flavors and Memories from the Countryside of Tuscany

by Cesare Casella

Hardcover, 2005


Call number

Italian -- CAS

Call number

Italian -- CAS


William Morrow Cookbooks (2005), Hardcover, 256 pages


A native of Lucca and the chef-owner of Beppe, Cesare Casella is the real thing when it comes to Tuscan food. In True Tuscan, Casella offers authentic recipes and Beppe favorites, as well as history and legends, culinary and otherwise, of Italy's most adored region. Tuscany has one of the richest cultural and culinary histories of all of Europe. From Catherine di Medici, who introduced the French to the fork and high heels, to Italian cowboys, this region boasts an intriguing and exciting heritage, and an equally thrilling cuisine. In True Tuscan, Casella presents the Tuscany he knows--the time-honored recipes of his ancestors spiced with historical facts and gossip. Casella is not afraid to update and improve, as his Beppe dishes make clear, but he is devoted to the Tuscan spirit, which he is uniquely qualified to celebrate and explore. These 125 tempting and satisfying recipes cover every course, from antipasti to dolci, and feature authentic flavors that promise to surprise and delight you and your guests.… (more)

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256 p.; 9.3 inches

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