Lorenzas Italian Seasons: 200 Recipes for Family and Friends

by Lorenza De'Medici

Hardcover, 2001


Call number

Italian -- DEM

Call number

Italian -- DEM


Pavilion Books (2001), Hardcover, 191 pages


With the expertise that is the hallmark of her famous Tuscan cooking school, The Villa Table at Badia a Coltibuono, Lorenza de’ Medici teaches us to savor the best of seasonal ingredients. Sweet, tender fava beans from the spring garden are used in a simple salad with pecorino, olive oil, and parsley; apricots from summer orchards are transformed into a delicately fragrant mousse; musky wild mushrooms from the autumn woods become the basis of an elegant dish of roast pheasant; and the dark-leaved cavolo nero from the frosty winter soil is an essential ingredient for ribollita, the thick bean and vegetable soup of Tuscany. Holiday menus for every season accompany each chapter, while a pantry section provides recipes and tips for preserving and storing produce for future occasions. Illustrated with artful color photos, this is an essential companion for all lovers of Italian cooking. Lorenza de’ Medici is the author of more than 20 bestselling books, including The Villa Table, The Renaissance of Italian Cooking, Lorenza’s Pasta, Lorenza’s Antipasti, and A Passion for Fruit.… (more)

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191 p.; 11.32 inches

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