Italian Farmhouse Cookbook

by Susan Herrmann Loomis

Paperback, 2000


Call number

Italian -- LOO

Call number

Italian -- LOO


Workman Publishing Company (2000), Paperback, 480 pages


The essence of Italian cooking. Susan has gone to the source, where the techniques are still genuine and the recipes tied to the culture. ITALIAN FARMHOUSE COOKBOOK is a must-have for anyone seriously interested in Italian cookery.O (LIDIA BASTIANICH) Simple as a luscious ripe tomato rubbed over rustic bread, intensely flavored as a Sunday leg of lamb smothered in fresh herbs, joyous, unexpected, vibrant farm food is the heart and soul of Italian cooking, and the prize of Susan Herrmann Loomisís years-long quest. Working side-by-side in the kitchen, walking through fields at dawn, eating, drinking, and above all listening, she discovers the secret ingredient of Italian cooks accortezza, or simply ýknowingO and weaves it into every recipes of this sensuous, sun-filled book. ON THE FARMHOUSE MENU Lemon-Spiced Olives The Real Panzanella Potato and Artichoke Soup from Campania Garlicky Cheese Polenta Chestnut Pasta with Wild Mushrooms Smothered Cauliflower Sicilian Double-Crusted Potato Pizza Herbed Farmhouse Lamb Chops Spinach and Ricotta Dumplings… (more)

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480 p.; 9 inches

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