by Delia Smith

Hardcover, 2006


Call number

Italian -- SMI

Call number

Italian -- SMI


DK ADULT (2006), Hardcover, 136 pages


"In the fifth book of THE DELIA COLLECTION, Delia teaches us how to cook authentic Italian dishes successfully. Old favourites and new recipes combine to make this a definitive guide to cooking and eating Italian food. aving worked in Italy in her twenties Delia has loved Italian food ever since, and here the reader will find authentic dishes adapted for today's cook. For dedicated Delia followers, this book provides an easily accessible library of popular favourites, and her inimitable style and flair for teaching will make this a must- have in any kitchen. Over 50 delicious recipes with advice and tips on cooking in the Italian way, and easy- to- follow instructions, ensure that each dish comes out perfect, every time.

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136 p.; 10.87 inches

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