Enoteca: Simple, Delicious Recipes in the Italian Wine Bar Tradition

by Joyce Goldstein

Paperback, 2005


Call number

Italian -- GOL

Call number

Italian -- GOL


Chronicle Books (2005), Paperback, 196 pages


Joyce Goldstein's gorgeous cookbook celebrating the delightful foods served in Italian wine bars is now available in paperback. In Italy, the enoteca tradition captures the heart of what is for Italians la dolce vitasmall plates of simple, delicious fare, complemented by a glass or bottle of wine, and good company. This beautifully designed, exquisitely photographed cookbook tells the history of wine bars in Italy and features authentic, timeless recipes and their fascinating origins. From tasty dishes of omelets made with wild greens and stuffed pastas to fresh fruit tarts and regional cheeseseach accompanied by a wine recommendationEnoteca is anyone's passport to the Italian wine bar experiencewhen in Rome...or right at home.

Physical description

196 p.; 7.87 inches

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