Eat Right, Eat Well, The Italian Way

by Edward Giobbi

Paperback, 1998


Call number

Italian -- GIO

Call number

Italian -- GIO


Knopf (1998), Edition: 1st Pbk, Paperback, 530 pages


"Ed Giobbi is without question the finest Italian home cook I know. This is an inspired book and the fact that it involves diet is only a bonus."         --Craig Claiborne Here is the celebrated cookbook that has won praise from home cooks and food critics everywhere--a superb collection of 560 healthful recipes that are, first and foremost, absolutely delicious. Every one of these marvelous dishes reflects the mouthwatering flavors and robust textures of the everyday Italian cooking that Edward Giobbi grew up on and loves. And every recipe follows the guidelines prescribed by the eminent cardiologist Dr. Richard Wolff to reduce both fat and cholesterol. The result is a wonderfully wide-ranging, imaginative array of recipes so utterly delectable and satisfying that no one will ever suspect they're "diet" dishes.         Everything is here for delightful, healthy eating, day by day:          ¸  soups both delicate and hardy          ¸  more than ninety robust pasta dishes          ¸  luscious seafood recipes          ¸  some fifty chicken dishes alone          ¸  lean meats of all descriptions, from scallopini to venison          ¸  over one hundred glorious melanges of fresh vegetables, straight from the garden          ¸  dozens of flavorful sauces that use herbs and nuts, peppers and garlic, instead of butter and cream          ¸  country breads, pizzas, and turnovers          ¸  delectable desserts, from fresh fruit sorbet to tarts Because our understanding of diet, fat, and cholesterol has changed since the first edition of this book, the authors have revised and updated every recipe, as well as the breakdown of fats and cholesterol that accompanies each (for those who want to keep count). The result is an invaluable cookbook for the health-conscious--and for lovers of good food everywhere.… (more)

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530 p.; 9.23 inches

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