Cucina Simpatica: Robust Trattoria Cooking From Al Forno

by Johanne Killeen

Hardcover, 1991


Call number

Italian -- KIL

Call number

Italian -- KIL


William Morrow Cookbooks (1991), Edition: 1, Hardcover, 224 pages


Cucina Simpatica brings to home cooks the luscious, lusty food of Al Forno, the acclaimed restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island. Since opening Al Forno in 1980, owners-chefs Johanne Killeen and George Germon have won a loyal following, rave reviews, and many awards for their superb food. The recipes reflect their down-to-earth style of hearty yet simple trattoria and Italian home cooking. Included are detailed instructions for making their renowned grilled pizza. While Cucina Simpatica is organized by courses--from starters, soups, salads, bruschetta, crostinis, and polenta to pizzas, pastas, grills, roasts, braises, vegetables, and desserts--the authors urge readers to be flexible and make their own choices. A grilled pizza accompanied by a small salad may suffice for dinner. Pasta can be served in small portions as a first course or in larger amounts as the focus of the meal. A platter of roasted vegetables makes a fine meatless meal. Cucina Simpatica inspires home cooks to prepare the rustic, robust Italian-style food from one of America's finest restaurants.… (more)

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224 p.; 10.04 inches

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