Biba's Italy: Favorite Recipes from the Splendid Cities

by Biba Caggiano

Hardcover, 2006


Call number

Italian -- CAG

Call number

Italian -- CAG


Artisan (2006), Edition: 1, Hardcover, 336 pages


Here is the very best food from our very favorite cities--the glorious dining destinations Rome, Florence, Bologna, Milan, and Venice--brought to life by one of the most authoritative authors in the field. The 100 delicious, simple recipes range from time-honored home-cooking traditions to restaurant classics and even startling innovations by Italy's star chefs, and are accompanied by invaluable cooking tips and rich, evocative atmosphere. And each chapter offers travel tips galore--on the best restaurants, wine bars, gelatarie, and markets--as well as eminently useful reference sections on ingredients and menus. Biba's Italy will at turns transport you to a canal-side caffè in Venice and a bustling outdoor market in medieval Bologna, to a chic Milanese ristorante and the lively streets in Rome and cozy enoteca in Florence. Then lure you back home to re-create these experiences in your own kitchen.… (more)

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336 p.; 9.54 inches

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