Sephardic Flavors: Jewish Cooking of the Mediterranean

by Joyce Goldstein

Hardcover, 2000


Call number

Jewish -- GOL

Call number

Jewish -- GOL


Chronicle Books (2000), Hardcover, 208 pages


Chef, author, and Mediterranean cooking expert Joyce Goldstein follows her acclaimedCucina Ebraica: Flavors of the Italian Jewish Kitchen with this remarkable exploration of Jewish cooking of the Mediterranean. InSephardic Flavors, Goldstein uncovers the culinary history of the Diaspora, revealing in vivid prose and delicious recipes how the Sephardic Jews adapted the cuisines of their new homelands. Drawing upon the cultural and gastronomic heritages of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Turkey, Goldstein has amassed a remarkable array of unique recipes and historical information. A fascinating voyage into culinary history as well as a compilation of superbly satisfying dishes,Sephardic Flavors captures the indomitable spirit and brilliant cuisines that continue to capture our imaginations today.… (more)

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208 p.; 9.36 inches

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