Passover Seders Made Simple

by Zell Shulman

Paperback, 2001


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Jewish -- SHU

Call number

Jewish -- SHU


Wiley (2001), Edition: 1, Paperback, 224 pages


There are more than the ceremonial four questions when it comes to the Passover Seder: What kinds of traditional dishes should I make? What goes on the Seder plate? What is the Seder plate? Do I have to drink all four cups of wine? Author Zell Schulman puts your mind at ease with Let My People Eat! the first Passover Seder cookbook that not only takes you step-by-step through the Seder, but also features six Seder menus to suit your religious background, your diet, your budget, and your time. Maybe your husband is Jewish and you're not, and you don't know where to begin. Or perhaps you've recently decided to become more involved in the Jewish holidays and traditions and want to make this Seder special. Maybe some of your guests are vegetarian or watching their weight. You'll find the answers to all of your questions as well as delicious recipes in Let My People Eat! Zell takes you by the hand to help you plan your first Seder with lists, explanations, and sources for the ceremonial objects for the Seder, as well as necessities for the Passover pantry. She tells you the many ways you can prepare the Seder Plate and set your Seder table, including recipes and symbolic meanings for the traditional ceremonial foods. She even has a chapter on kosher wines and food pairings. Let My People Eat! really does make Passover Seders simple. Zell Schulman is the author of two books, a food editor and columnist for The American Israelite, and a columnist for The National Jewish Post & Opinion. She has been on several tv cooking segments throughout the country.… (more)

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