Recipes from Home

by David Page

Hardcover, 2001


Call number

American -- PAG

Call number

American -- PAG


Artisan (2001), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover, 448 pages


Home is "everything you could hope for in a quintessentially cozy Greenwich Village restaurant" (Food & Wine). With its "surprisingly fresh interpretations of Middle American dishes" (Christian Science Monitor), this "dreamy little all-American place" (New York) is, in fact, a home away from home. New Yorkers line up outside for meals that have the power to rekindle food memories from childhood. Of course, with the deft hand of chef David Page, they now taste rather grown up. Tater Tots become cornmeal-crusted garlic potato cakes; picnic coleslaw made with celery and celery root accompanies spiced pork chops; blue cheese and apple transform a grilled cheese sandwich; and the ketchup is always homemade. In this unabashed ode to American home cooking, you'll also find recipes for scalloped potatoes, macaroni and cheese, roast chicken, homemade pickles, chocolate pudding, and cookies "that would make anyone's front porch a neighborhood Mecca" (Gourmet).… (more)

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448 p.; 10.3 inches

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