The City Tavern Cookbook: Recipes from the Birthplace of American Cuisine

by Walter Staib

Hardcover, 2009


Call number

American -- STA

Call number

American -- STA


Running Press (2009), Hardcover, 392 pages


Experience authentic early American culinary history at America's first restaurant, without leaving your home! For history buffs who like to eat, there is no better gift or souvenir of the ultimate American landmark. The City Tavern restaurant was the social, political, and economic center of late 18th-century Philadelphia. Called the "most genteel" tavern in America by John Adams, it gained fame as the gathering place for members of the Continental Congresses and the Constitutional Convention, and for officials of the early Federal Government. With more than 300 tempting, simple-to-make recipes and full-color photography, City Tavern will help home chefs and history buffs alike recreate the same dishes enjoyed by George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. Featuring traditional favorites: West Indies pepperpot soup Roasted duckling with chutney Martha Washington's chocolate mousse cake Thomas Jefferson's sweet-potato biscuits This book's recipes are sure to entice adults and children alike, while simultaneously providing them with a wealth of fascinating American and culinary history! More than just a cookbook, City Tavern is a treasury of American history.… (more)

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392 p.; 9.5 inches

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