The Cook's Illustrated Complete Book of Poultry

by the Editors of Cook's Illustrated

Hardcover, 1999


Call number

ATK -- 1999

Call number

ATK -- 1999



Clarkson Potter (1999), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 496 pages


Vast and authoritative, with 38 chapters containing nearly 500 recipes and 300 illustrations,The Cook's Illustrated Complete Book of Poultryoffers readers the very best methods for preparing chicken, turkey, duck, goose, quail, squab, and pheasant. Nowhere can you find the volume of testing and research that you do inCook's Illustrated. Forty turkeys roasted to find the best Thanksgiving bird. Duck prepared ten different ways to ensure the crispiest skin and moistest meat. Countless chickens basted and turned to determine that preheating the roasting pan is the secret to the tastiest one. No other cookbook has taken this approach to the subject, and no other book has broken such new ground in the kitchen. Master recipes provide all the basics to prepare poultry in particular styles--from fried chicken to braised quail, sautéed turkey cutlets to roasted Cornish game hens. The variations follow: an exhaustive listing that will yield fresh recipes for years to come. These include delights like Sautéed Chicken Cutlets with Marsala, Chicken and Herb Dumplings with Spring Vegetables, and Cincinnati-Style Turkey Chili. There are even recipes specially designed to make use of leftovers. For grill enthusiasts, sidebars cover such topics as finding the best charcoal and setting up the grill for indirect cooking. Recipes range from easy grilled chicken wings to a show-stopping grill-roasted whole turkey guaranteed to be the best you've ever tasted. Step-by-step illustrations guide the reader through every technique. Informative sidebars rate everything from roaster racks to canned chicken broth. Enlightening, instructive, and invaluable, this is a book that any cook interested in poultry--and in learning the best way to prepare any bird--can't afford to be without.… (more)

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496 p.; 9.3 inches

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