Born to Grill: An American Celebration

by Cheryl Alters Jamison

Paperback, 2001


Call number

Outdoor Cooking, Grilling, BBQ -- JAM

Call number

Outdoor Cooking, Grilling, BBQ -- JAM


Harvard Common Press (2001), Paperback, 512 pages


In more than 300 recipes, Cheryl and Bill Jamison reveal the variety of terrific flavors that come from the primal encounter of food and flame. Authors of Smoke & Spice, which has shown a generation of backyard chefs how to cook wood-smoked barbecue, the Jamisons now aim their expect sights on grilling, the most popular kind of outdoor cooking. The Jamisons open up a roadmap that will guide the griller beyond steaks, burgers, and hot dogs, but they invite us, in chapters called "Sensuous Steaks" and "Hot Burgers and Haute Dogs," to delay our departure and explore the depths of those timeless favorites. A Pale Ale Porterhouse, a Basil and Sage T-Bone, a Devilish Horseradish Burger, a Crunchy Kraut Dog, and more make the decision fully worth our while. Is chicken the choice on your grill grate? Then why not ramble out west, for Hearty Ranch Chicken Halves, or try a Southern-style Cinnamon Chicken with Crunchy Cashew Relish? For fans of seafood, the Jamisons serve up oceans (and lakes and streams) full of tasty fish and shellfish, from one coast's Boston Striper to the other's San Francisco Sole. Salads, pastas, and soups infused with the smoky taste of flame-kissed ingredients; splendid pizzas and tortilla dishes prepared on the grill; vegetables, juicy and crisp, in main dishes and sides; fruits and desserts for a finger-lickin' finish - all these and more make the grill's domain bigger and more delectable than it's ever been.… (more)

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512 p.; 9.06 inches

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