How to Roast a Lamb: New Greek Classic Cooking

by Michael Psilakis

Hardcover, 2009


Call number

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, African -- PSI

Call number

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, African -- PSI


Little, Brown and Company (2009), Hardcover, 304 pages


"More than a collection of recipes, this book is a celebration of Greek culture and its extraordinary effect on the author. Each section begins with a personal story demonstrating how his love of food was ingrained in him. The recipes that follow are organized by the foods tied to the experiences he describes. My Father's Garden pays homage to the family garden and includes a tantalizing recipe for sweet and sour eggplant and onion stew. Open Water includes grilled swordfish with tomato-braised cauliflower, and Kefi{u2014}A Time to Dance offers fried pork and beef meatballs and a variety of spreads including chickpea with roasted pepper and feta. Psilakis recounts a moving story about raising a young lamb and kid, resulting in recipes for both roasted leg of lamb and braised goat. The author includes a helpful list of ingredients for those less familiar with Greek cuisine and offers optional shortcuts, such as using high-quality prepared ingredients to aid those pressed for time. Complete with full color photographs of many dishes and numerous black and white family photos, the work enables readers to embrace not only Greek cuisine but its culture as well"--Publishers Weekly.… (more)

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304 p.; 8.5 inches

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