The Asian Grill: Great Recipes, Bold Flavors

by Corinne Trang

Paperback, 2006


Call number

Asian -- TRA

Call number

Asian -- TRA


Chronicle Books (2006), Paperback, 168 pages


This combination of two popular food trendsAsian and grillingby Corinne Trang, the "Julia Child of Asian cuisine" (Washington Post), makes it easy to turn an ordinary backyard barbecue into an authentic Asian grill. Here she guides readers through the foundations of classic Asian cooking and the exciting array of herbs and spices used, enabling anyone who understands the basics of grilling to discover original taste and texture combinations. Corinne reveals the secrets of the five flavor notessweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicyand with simple techniques, she expands the griller's repertoire with a whole new range of marinades and flavor-rich dishes. The 80 recipes for condiments, flatbreads, veggies, fish, meats, sweets, and drinks are supplemented with prepping and grilling tips, ingredient sources and appropriate substitutions, and advice on stocking an Asian pantry. The lovely color photos and step-by-step instructions make discovering the yin-yang balance of texture, flavor, and color an easy and fun culinary adventure, with plenty of Asian flair.… (more)

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168 p.; 8.7 inches

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