Far East Cafe: The Best of Casual Asian Cooking (Casual Cuisines of the World)

by Joyce Jue

Hardcover, 1996


Call number

Asian -- JUE

Call number

Asian -- JUE


Sunset Publishing Corporation (1996), Hardcover, 128 pages


Assembled as beautifully as a Chinese puzzle, this slim book exudes the pleasures of a particularly popular aspect of Asian cooking. From page 1, Joyce Jue makes you smell the smoke and sizzling spices as she brings alive the bustling, colorful world of Asian street food. Many favorite dishes from Indian samosas and sticks of grilled sate to pad Thai noodles and fiery green mango salad are included. Jue's directions are easy to follow, even for making dumplings from scratch or for handling the rice paper disks used to make spring rolls. If you'd rather eat Asian street food than prepare it at home, this book will hone your knowledge of what to look for in your culinary travels.

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128 p.; 9.9 inches
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