Asian Sauces and Marinades

by Wendy Sweetser

Paperback, 2002


Call number

Asian -- SWE

Call number

Asian -- SWE


Firefly Books (2002), Paperback, 144 pages


Cooks and gourmets everywhere know how delicious Asian food can be. Asian cuisine is so different, yet so appealing, to the western palate, that we make it a cornerstone of our tasting experience. While we know that shrimps bok choi and sprouts are among the distinctive elements of Asian cooking, the sauces that make dishes special are a mystery to many Western chefs. They are widely available in Asian shops, supermarket specialty food sections, and by mail order. But the bottles are often labeled in Chinese or Vietnamese characters. Even labels in English don't actually describe the tastes or uses of the special sauces that we would like to use - but may be reluctant to buy. Asian Sauces and Marinades unlocks this mystery of the orient. It is the key to the pungent, aromatic and richly spiced sauces that are easy to obtain and use to make the rich and complex flavors that are authentic and satisfying. It contains: An 8-page glossary of terms, from Annato to Hoi Sin to Sambal Oeleek Marinades for fish, meat, poultry and tofu Stir-fry sauces and techniques Dressings and pickling sauces for vegetables and fruits Dipping sauces and relishes Rubs and glazes for meat and seafood Stews and braised dishes Curries, mild to fiery Soups, broths and stocks Sauces as accompaniments Dessert sauces. Each section is filled with familiar and unusual recipes (80 in total) that are uniquely associated with the sauces and marinades described. There is a history of the dish and the national cuisine and dozens of very tempting full-color photographs of the dishes described. There is a great need for the information in this book, and Wendy Sweetser presents it in a form and style that is inviting and accessible to Western cook, from novice to experienced. "All great chefs agree that the secret to delicious dishes is the sauce. This volume does a superb job of showing you how fundamental they are in Asian cooking and explains their many uses. Having this book in your collection is like having a magic wand in your kitchen." - Chef Martin Yan, - host of Yan Can Cook… (more)

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144 p.; 11.02 inches

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