by Daniel Hoyer

Hardcover, 2008


Call number

Latino, South American -- HOY

Call number

Latino, South American -- HOY


Gibbs Smith (2008), Hardcover, 128 pages


Tamales have endured for millennia, and are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity due to the renaissance in Latin American and Mexican cooking. Today, tamales remain an important part of the traditions of Mexico, Central America, South America and the southwestern United States. In Tamales, Hoyer gives an overview of the ingredients, methods of preparation and flavor possibilities of tamales. More specifically, you'll find recipes for different types of masa,with variations on each, a variety of fillings, and enough filling, sauce, and salsa recipes to inspire you to create your own interpretations. Tamales is a book that will encourage further exploration of the subject through practice, travel to areas known for tamale making and discussion with other cooks.… (more)

Physical description

128 p.; 8.4 x 8.26 inches

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