Nuevo Latino: Recipes That Celebrate the New Latin-American Cuisine

by Douglas Rodriguez

Hardcover, 1995


Call number

Latino, South American -- ROD

Call number

Latino, South American -- ROD


Ten Speed Press (1995), Hardcover, 176 pages


The now-classic recipes in NUEVO LATINO celebrate and reinterpret a broad range of old-style dishes from Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, and throughout Latin America. Such utterly unique creations as Grilled Flank Steak over Mushroom Ceviche; Sugarcane Tuna with Malanga Pure and Dried Shrimp Salsa; and Chocolate Tres Leches are a feast for the palate as well as the eye. This is the ultimate presentation of revolutionary cooking inspired by the sensational flavours of the Americas.

Physical description

176 p.; 11 inches

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