Sabroso: The Spanish-American Family Cookbook (New American Family Cookbooks)

by Noemi C. Taylor

Paperback, 2003


Call number

Spanish, Portuguese -- TAY

Call number

Spanish, Portuguese -- TAY


Capital Books (2003), Edition: 1, Paperback, 256 pages


┬íSabroso! is a compilation of over 200 recipes, menus, and the stories of four lively, Spanish-speaking women who formed new homes and a close friendship far from their native homes of Spain, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. Food has always been central to the friendship between the four women. From the first get-together, to every picnic, barbecue, birthday, party, holiday, and milestone shared through the years every woman brought a special dish made from a recipe from her native country adjusted with American ingredients. When they first moved to America they each realized how different the food was from their home counties. So they soon began to adjust, swap, debate and refine their recipes. This book is a collection of these recipes and the stories of their friendship and traditions lovingly compiled by the daughter of one of the women.… (more)

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256 p.; 8.9 inches
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