The New German Cookbook: More Than 230 Contemporary and Traditional Recipes

by Jean Anderson

Hardcover, 1993


Call number

Europe -- AND

Call number

Europe -- AND


William Morrow Cookbooks (1993), Edition: 1, Hardcover, 416 pages


Jean Anderson and Hedy Wurz lead readers from the back roads of Bavaria to the vineyards on the Moselle, from a quaint subterranean tavern in L'beck to the three-star restaurants of Munich, opening kitchen doors and kettle lids to reveal modern Germany's gastronomic triumphs. With explanations of ingredients, clear instructions, and evocative introductions to the recipes, the cooking of today's Germany is illuminated for American cooks. All the traditional dishes are here, many in their original robust versions and others cleverly lightened by Germany's new generation of chefs and home cooks. Potato salad, barely glossed with dressing, then greened with fresh chevil; sauerkraut teamed with cod; and pumpernickel reduced to crumbs and folded into an airy Bavarian cream are just a few of the creative new German dishes that nevertheless bow to tradition.… (more)

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416 p.; 9.17 inches

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