A Taste of Russia: A Cookbook of Russian Hospitality

by Darra Goldstein

Paperback, 1999


Call number

Eastern European -- GOL

Call number

Eastern European -- GOL


Russian Information Services, Inc. (1999), Edition: 2nd Rev, Paperback, 224 pages


Redesigned with a fresh, modern presentation, the 30th anniversary edition of this classic cookbook layers superbly reseached recipes with informative essays on the dishes' rich historical and cultural contexts. With more than 200 recipes for everything from borscht to bliny, from salmon coulibiac to beef stew with rum, from marinated mushrooms to walnut-honey-filled pies, this mouthwatering assortment truly exhibits the best that Russian cooking has to offer. The book has been revised and updated with a new preface that considers the changes in Russian culinary culture since its original publication and offers a dozen delectable new recipes, such as onion dumplings, horseradish vodka, and whipped raspberry mousse.

Physical description

224 p.; 9.1 inches

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