Modern Grill Pan Cooking : 100 Innovative Recipes for Perfect Results

by Gina Steer

Paperback, 2000


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Special Equipment -- STE

Call number

Special Equipment -- STE


McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books (2000), Paperback, 128 pages


Health-conscious Americans are making grill pans a hot trend, with everyone from Martha Stewart to Gourmet magazine featuring foods cooked in the uniquely designed pan. The ridged cooking surface enables food to be grilled year-round, using less fat than any other method. Modern Grill Pan Cooking features 100 recipes designed for fast, healthy cooking with the bonus of char-grilled look and flavor! Great for the health conscious, busy parents, singles on the go, and anyone who craves a barbecue in the dead of winter. Following an introduction on making the most of the grill pan, chapters on fish and shellfish, beef, lamb, pork, poultry, vegetables, and fruit offer a wide variety of innovative recipes for a host of occasions.

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128 p.; 8.7 inches

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