Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook

by Sarah Raven

Hardcover, 2007


Call number

Seasonal -- RAV

Call number

Seasonal -- RAV


Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (2007), Hardcover, 464 pages


For the time-pressed vegetable enthusiast, finding, cooking and enjoying the best produce can seem like a fanciful sort of earthy daydream. In this definitive reference volume, Sarah Raven, award-winning author of The Great Vegetable Plot, explains once and for all how it can be done. Taking us through the year in six seasonal chunks of two months each, she introduces us to the best vegetables, fruit and herbs from around the world, all grown in the UK, and then shows us how to cook them in over 250 fresh, simple and delicious recipes. Practical, engaging, inspiring, and gorgeously realised with vivid photographs taken in Sarah's family garden in East Sussex, Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook offers a delicious repertoire of ideas that put vegetables, herbs and fruit at the centre of every meal.… (more)

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464 p.; 9.76 inches
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