La Cuisine De Jo¿l Robuchon: A Seasonal Cookbook

by Joel Robuchon

Paperback, 2001


Call number

Individual Chef -- ROB

Call number

Individual Chef -- ROB


Seven Dials (2001), Paperback, 184 pages


From France's greatest chef--and one of the most famous of the last 100 years--come the distilled principles of his cooking. From spring to winter, he selects over 50 of the freshest products of each season to work with. Using everything from asparagus to eggplant, lamb to hare, olive oil to mushrooms, tuna to scallops, he whips up detailed, delicious recipes. Starting with soups and ending with sorbets, and including wines to accompany it all, he presents gourmet tastes with a simple sophistication that makes haute cuisine accessible to all--even beginner cooks. Over 130 specially commissioned photographs and original prints and engravings display dishes that will make your mouth water--and send you straight to the kitchen.

Physical description

184 p.; 11.22 inches

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