The Breakfast Companion

by Janice Friis

Paperback, 1999


Call number

Breakfast, Brunch -- FRI

Call number

Breakfast, Brunch -- FRI


Word of Mouth Press (1999), Paperback, 272 pages


Breakfast is probably the easiest and most flexible meal of the day to prepare and be prepared for. It can also be the most fun because you can make it simple, make it small, make it for a crowd, make it healthy, make it when you have lots of time or no time, make it fancy, make it early or late, make it for yourself or your kids, make it for a special day, or make it for a special someone. There is no limit to the possibilities nor to the variations in making and eating breakfast. Whatever time of the day, it is the nourishment your stomach accepts after a period of rest. Such a meal should be the best The revised and updated Breakfast for Everyone is crammed with more than 200 easy, nutritious recipes for breakfast and brunch, along with literary anecdotes related to food and drink. A kids' section gives a number of fast and fun recipes for growing minds and bodies. Includes menu suggestions for special days in the year, as well as culinary hints and tips.… (more)

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272 p.; 9 inches
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