Caprial's Desserts

by Caprial Pence

Paperback, 2004


Call number

Dessert -- PEN

Call number

Dessert -- PEN


Ten Speed Press (2004), Paperback, 272 pages


In preparing this collection, Caprial and Melissa poured through their recipe files, winnowing them down to 50 core recipes, each grounded in the chefs' shared appreciation of wholesome, comforting, no-nonsense desserts that beg to be made time and again. Clear step-by-step photographs put you alongside Caprial and Melissa in their kitchen as they share their secrets for making extraordinary pie dough, working wonders with an ice cream machine, perfecting the delicate art of puff pastry, and numerous other essentials of the sweet kitchen. If you are new to baking, this book will give you the confidence, inspiration, and skills to build a solid dessert repertoire; if you are an experienced baker, it will help you hone classic techniques and push you to new levels of creativity and improvisation in the kitchen.… (more)

Physical description

272 p.; 8.9 inches

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