Vegetable Love

by Barbara Kafka

Hardcover, 2005


Call number

Poultry, Wild Game -- KAF

Call number

Poultry, Wild Game -- KAF


Artisan (2005), Edition: 1St Edition, Hardcover, 720 pages


From artichokes through watercress, Kafka takes on all the vegetables that come to mind - and many that don't. The classics are all there, from green beans to spinach to carrots, but she looks at them with a pioneering eye. So, while you'll find your favorite recipe for stir-fried chicken and snow peas, you might also be compelled to use the same vegetable in sweet pea ice-cream. For those with an adventurous spirit, Kafka has combed the earth for rare and interesting vegetables, from chayotes (vine-growing gourds) to burdock (a root found primarily in northern Europe and Asia) to nettles (commonly recognized as pesky garden weeds). Her book is not geared solely towards vegetarians, vegans or health-food loyalists - though certainly all of them could find plenty of recipes within to suit their lifestyles. Rather, she encourages readers of all kinds to embrace vegetables as she has, finding a place for them in every dish, course and meal. With over 750 original recipes and a thorough guide to shopping, cleaning, preparing, and storing vegetables, this reference deserves a place in every home and restaurant kitchen across America.… (more)

Physical description

720 p.; 9.26 inches

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