The Bean Book: Over Seventy Incredible Recipes

by Lyons Press

Hardcover, 2002


Call number

Rice, Beans, Grains, Corn -- LYO

Call number

Rice, Beans, Grains, Corn -- LYO


The Lyons Press (2002), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 144 pages


Versatile, nutritious, yet so simple, beans are the ideal ingredients for any meal, and there is no better introduction to the amazing properties and diverse flavors of the legume family than The Bean Book. Packed with illuminating information, The Bean Book sets out the history of humanity's relationship with the bean, details its nutritional and health benefits, and provides an exhaustive list and description of all the major beans in the world, from pinto and cannellini beans to chickpeas and lentils. Along with numerous storing and preparation tips, The Bean Book features a wide range of international dishes that brings out the incredible variety of styles and tastes that beans can deliver. Beginning with mouthwatering soups like minestrone and black bean soup with soba noodles and savory starters like garlic, herb, and bean pâté and the classic refried beans, The Bean Book goes on to provide dozens of hearty main course dishes, ranging from the vegetarian (cannellini beans on toast and bean tagine) to such classic meat and bean dishes as cassoulet, Chinese chicken with black beans, and chili con carne. Illustrated throughout with lush full-color photographs, The Bean Book is a must-have for anyone who already loves the delicious variety of bean flavors and will convince anyone who has ever thought that beans are but a poor man's food that there really is magic to this fruit.… (more)

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