by Leif Mannerström

Hardcover, 2009


Call number

Seafood -- MAN

Call number

Seafood -- MAN


Firefly Books (2009), Hardcover, 256 pages


The ultimate shellfish cookbook from a world-renowned chef. As a highly respected (and some would say revolutionary) chef, Leif Mannerström was the first recipient of the Kungsfenan, Sweden's coveted maritime gastronomy award. Shellfish is the first collection of his shellfish recipes and the first to bring his impeccable knowledge of shellfish to North American cooks. Mannerström keeps one foot firmly planted in the best traditions of ocean cuisine while creating dishes that appeal to the modern palate. The book covers every type of shellfish: sea mussels, clams, lobster, scampi, crab, crayfish, oysters, scallops, shrimps, prawns, gambas, sea urchin, whelk and their accompaniments. The book features more than 200 imaginative recipes, some with new twists on tradition, others divinely original. They include: Lobster sausage with sauerkraut Oven-baked clams with hazelnut dressing Lobster gratin Asian seaweed crab soup Veal roast with signal crayfish Oyster pie with crisp bacon Pancetta-wrapped scallops with sage Sea urchin soup. There is also a full selection of recipes for basics like aioli, cocktail sauce and fish stock that are the foundation of cooking with shellfish.… (more)

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256 p.; 11.2 inches

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