by Delia Smith

Hardcover, 2006


Call number

Seafood -- SMI

Call number

Seafood -- SMI


DK ADULT (2006), Hardcover, 136 pages


Spring 2003 sees the launch of the first four titles in The Delia Collection - a series currently planned to contain eight titles in all. In compiling the Collection, Delia has chosen her best and most popular recipes - updating old favourites and adding some that are completely new. These are books aimed both at experienced cooks and at newcomers to homecooking who can be sure that, with Delia's friendly and approachable style, they will be guided by a trusted hand through her fail-safe recipes.The fourth book in the series is a collection of over 50 Fish recipes. Many people shy away from cooking with fresh fish because it seems too difficult and messy. Delia tackles this notion by providing the know-how and plenty of authentic dishes to suit all levels of cooking ability.… (more)

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136 p.; 11 inches
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