Charlie Trotter's Seafood

by Charlie Trotter

Hardcover, 1997


Call number

Seafood -- TRO

Call number

Seafood -- TRO


Ten Speed Press (1997), Edition: illustrated edition, Hardcover, 240 pages


Chef Charlie Trotter has done it again, bringing his now-classic seafood recipes--including tilapia, salmon, oysters, and shrimp--from his award-winning restaurant to your kitchen Charlie Trotter's Chicago restaurant is praised in the food press from coast to coast. Now the master of culinary innovation tests new waters, with astonishing new dishes featuring freshwater fish and seafood. Dishes include Oxtail-Stuffed Baby Squid with Cremini Mushrooms, Mustard Oil, and Oxtail Braising Juices; Wild Striped Bass with Stinging Nettles, Wild Mushroom/Balsamic Emulsion, and Hot and Sour Golden Beet Sauce; Steamed Lake Superior Whitefish with Fiddlehead Ferns and Potato-Apple-Celery Purée; Tuna-Crab Roll; and Tuna "Tartare"s with Avocado, Crushed Black Sesame Seed Vinaigrette, and Coriander Juice. The groundbreaking organizational structure of CHARLIE TROTTER'S SEAFOOD reflects the chef's characteristic visionary style and holistic approach to dining--the recipes are presented according to the wines with which he recommends they be served. Included are more than 100 recipes using common and exotic fish, 75 evocative duotones that convey the drama of the fishing industry and grandeur of the fish themselves, and Trotter's signature larger-than-life photos of every dish.… (more)

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240 p.; 11.74 inches

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