Anne Willan's LOOK & COOK Fish Classics

by Anne Willan

Hardcover, 1993


Call number

Seafood -- WIL

Call number

Seafood -- WIL


Dorling Kindersley (1993), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 127 pages


Part of the Look and Cook series, this book shows both beginners and more experienced cooks how to prepare different foodstuffs. Each step is illustrated and techniques demonstrated to help clarify points raised. This particular book looks at cooking with fish and includes recipes for terrines, mousses, grilled fish steaks, seafood dishes, kebabs and chowders. Anne Willan is the author of Great Cooks and their Recipes, French Regional Cooking and France Gastronomique and is the founder of the la Varenne School in Paris.

Physical description

127 p.; 10.9 inches

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